Alex Foxen takes home $4,563,700 at the WSOP 2022 $250K High Roller.

For each poker player, the ultimate achievement is to win a bracelet in the World Series of Poker. When done in a tournament full of other talented athletes, it carries even more prestige. In 2022, American poker player Alex Foxen accomplished this feat, winning his first bracelet and $4,563,700 in the $250,000 Super High Roller event at the World Series of Poker.

Alex Foxen takes first place in the WSOP 2022’s priciest event.

Marks were left by Kristen Bicknell’s spouse.

There have been fifty bracelet events at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, out of a total of 89. Two of them were designated as high rollers and attracted many notable players and spectators to the poker tournament.

In the first tournament of its kind, Alexei Ponyakov came out on top, but in the second, the representative of the poker motherland was knocked out.

After three days of competition in Event #50 Super High Roller $250K, American Alex Foxen, age 31. came out on top. The winnings totaled $4,563,700 for him.

Alex is well-known in the United States and beyond as a professional player and Kristen Bicknell’s husband (a three-time GPI ranking winner). Over the course of ten years of live tournament experience, he has achieved the following:

However, he does not yet have a World Series bracelet.

The tournament’s schedule

Despite the fact that the high roller only had 34 participants (for a total of 56 entrants), practically all of them were household names in the poker world.

Daniel Negreanu’s actions after losing his second entry to a TT-QT flush that closed on the river sparked widespread discussion on social media after he was eliminated from the tournament. The Canadian let his chips spread and hurled a camera tripod against the wall. Such outbursts of anger are unusual for him, yet anybody would be frustrated by the loss of $500,000 in a single match.

It’s also worth mentioning Phil Ivey, who reached the final table once again and won the prizes in a high-stakes tournament, and Adrian Mateos, who took first place in the same event the year before and finished in fourth this time around.


Matchup: Alex Foxen vs. Brandon Steven

Alex, who began the final round as a “chippy,” was able to keep that position to the very end despite the fact that every participant in the event had expertise in significant poker “battles.”

Foxen’s chip stack was almost eight times that of his HU opponent, Brandon Staven, after he eliminated Chris Hunichen in third place. Brandon has been participating in high-stakes poker tournaments for a long time, but he doesn’t have the profile of a renowned player.

The advantage didn’t last long since Staven got a “set-up” hand:

Alex licked his QTs, but the flipped 52 from his opponent. The flip of Q52 indicated an enormous pot, and after many bets, all players eventually committed their chips. Brandon seemed like he was going to double up, but a ten on the river put a stop to his chances.

Foxen announced his victory on Twitter as follows:

Twitter user Alex Foxen.

“Many thanks for the kind comments. From the beginning to the end, the tournament was well-liked by spectators. The long wait for a bracelet in this competition was time well spent. I owe this victory to the support of my family and friends.”

The $50,000 Poker Players Championship should be the next “landmark” event at the WSOP in 2022. On June 30th, we’ll find out who won.



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