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Iago Savino leva a melhor no $530 Bounty Builder HR

For the second day in a row, the Brazilian flag graced the podium of the $530 Bounty Builder HR. In order to be declared champion, Iago Savino from the state of Minas Gerais had to beat 138 opponents. In total, the bonus brought the account owner $17,032.

Like Monday the 10th, the country also took second place in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR. In addition to the silver medal, “Paulad007” took home $11,694.

In the $33 Bounty Builder, Renan “limpnodeic” Molinari scored 1,971 strokes to earn $7,261.

Finally, in the $162 Bounty Builder, “fiorikopke69” was outmatched by his 109 opponents. He won $5,263.

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Renan Aziz is champion of the Tuesday Classic HR $1,050

New Nickname, Old Routine for Renan Aziz on GGPoker MTTs. Try out the Bad Timing account, he’s the pinnacle of a very busy time in this country. In the HR $1,050 Tuesday Classic, the pro won $35,543 over 158 players.

Alex “Napoleon Hill” Gelinksi won the silver medal and $12,002 in the $150 Tuesday Classic. Also in the Championship, Carlos Madeira finished fifth for $5,392.

Alex Pazinato finished third out of 296 players in the $250 Daily Main Event, giving the Brazilian $10,555.

Daniel “croce 61” Croce also pocketed five figures. In the $1,050 high roller event Deepstack Bounty Turbo, he outscored 19 players for $10,001. View other results:

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CodigoPoker is the place to be as the CAP High Roller has begun.

Starting now, at CodigoPoker, is the CAP High Roller.

The CAP Buenos Aires’ second-most-expensive competition kicks off this coming Saturday night, and its winner will be determined the following day. There will be exclusive coverage for a $350,000 buy-in.

Once again, CodigoPoker is where you can find the finest of CAP Buenos Aires. On Saturday, the 11th season of the Argentine Poker Circuit kicks off with a 350K High Roller at the opening stop, and the event will be covered extensively for both days.

This event is the second most costly of this CAP trip, with a buy-in of $350,000 and a starting stack of 45,000 chips, behind the 500K Super High Roller that was won by Matias Chervin a few days earlier.

Levels 1 through 12 of the High Roller will begin on Saturday night at 9 p.m., with 30-minute blinds, and the final table will be played on Sunday at 3 p.m.

Nonetheless, registration will remain available until Level 14, guaranteeing a flurry of activity up until the tournament’s maximum field size of 200 is reached.

Victor Andreoletti vence HighS da Suprema e fatura R$ 136 mil

For the second time in three days, the HighS title fell to a Simba player. Amazonian Victor Andreoletti, owner of the “Pipokinhaaa” account, won the best prize in the competition with a buy-in of R$ 3,500. First in 155 entries, he topped up his bankroll with 136,677 reais.

“TabelaDaVida” topped the podium in the R$550 mystery event. Including bounties, he won $32,489 after eliminating 488 players.

On the other hand, “Dhayashi1” solved the 75 reais mystery. Losing out of 1,911 entrants, he took home $13,259.

Meet other champions:

250 Reals Battle 250K (1,334 entries)

Champion: “Italo122” 42,907 reals

750 reais battle 75K (171 items)

Winner: “Italo122” $15,204

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Renan Bruschi and Luan Leonel are two of PokerStars’ most notable players.

Several Brazilian players had success on PokerStars this past Sunday during the Bounty Builder Series’ final stretch. Luan Leonel and Renan Bruschi, two of the most well-known figures in national poker, shined brightest in the series’ events, when the day’s biggest prizes were announced.

Event #141 of the series featured a buy-in of $215 and 1,166 players. Luan, aka “Pseudo Fruto,” won a stunning win. Despite stiff competition, the Cardroom partner came out on top and collected $34,714. His compatriot Diego Costa, who placed fourth and won $10,352, also made it to the final table.

On the last day of the PokerStars Bounty Builder Series High Main Event, Rafael Moraes and three other Brazilians are in the lead.

Site user “internett93o,” as Renan Bruschi, made it to the day’s final table in a major event. Event #140 of the Bounty Builder Series included a $5,200 Titans Event as a special edition. Renan came in at #5 out of 103 contestants and took home $$34,432.

Brazil’s continued success in the $30K range continued with another strong showing. Gomaflush, alias Marcelo Cartana, placed second in Event #136-L for $55. As the runner-up out of 8,561 contestants, Marcelo earned $30,3016.

Geraldo Cesar wins $215 in the BIG10 PKO.

Nationwide grinders dominated the Americas Cardroom felt for the whole of yesterday’s day. At one of the site’s most important regular events, the $215 BIG10 PKO, “7betAndFold” earned $18,090, while “SorteTotal” got third place and $6,874.

At the $109 NL Hold’em PKO, “3sn4Vn3V” eliminated 456 competitors to win $7,781.

Soon afterwards, Pedro “donkeyPROZ” Madeira was eliminated from the $630 High Roller PKO heads-up. The miner earned $6,873 in total.

In turn, “Fox MEF” placed second out of 185 players in the $215 Mega Stack tournament, earning the Brazilian $5,735.

First Super High Roller tournament of the year goes to Chervin.

Here in the Argentine Poker Scene, Chervin took down the first Super High Roller event.

The Super High Roller hand-to-hand tournament in Rio de Janeiro was just concluded with a winner: Matias Chervin. Even though he finished second, Blas Suarez was able to earn a healthy profit.

The Super High Roller of the Argentine Poker Tour continued as scheduled despite their (little) downtime at the Casino Buenos Aires. And the heads-up duel that everyone was anticipating ended up taking less than an hour and crowning Matas Chervin.

At the most costly event on the Argentine Poker Tour, Suarez finished in second place.

This tournament at the Madero poker room ran longer than intended and ended on a Wednesday afternoon, with the eventual winner being a player who had recently won a side event at the most recent LAPT in Rio de Janeiro. The $16,740,000 in prize money that Chervin took home for his triumph was a significant first step toward the inauguration of the most important live tournament series in Argentina.

He met Blas Suarez, who had a little edge going into the final clash. They had already spent the previous 17 hours studying one another, so they made the decision early on to go for the rival’s head and win the highest reward.

The decisive play occurred in only a few hands: with blinds at 30,000/60,000/60,000, Chervin opened to 130,000 and Suarez defended the small blind, both players seeing 842 on the flop. Blas made the opening wager, and Matias quickly upped. On the return, the runner-up surged into position in fourth and the winner took the bait. As the 7 appeared on the turn, Blas bet all of his remaining $3.5 million and Chervin utilized his time cards until he called with the following hand:

In the case of Suarez, 84.

To Chervin, Q7

Chervin covered his opponent, who ended up collecting $10,044,000, as the river card, a 3, echoed with an ecstatic shout on the rail of Matias’s table.

The Argentina Poker Circuit’s Super High Roller attracted 125 players and offered a total prize fund of $56,250,000. There were 18 winners, and all the money went to them.

The 20 players that advanced to the second day of the WiPT were led by Diego Sanchez.

Everyone who came to the Gran Casino de Aranjuez for the first day of the Main Event of the Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final had a fantastic day. It was challenging to have a large turnout on a Wednesday at 14:00 due to the Champions League game being played at the Bernabeu. There were 119 people that played, and many of them didn’t even use the cashier to get to the tables. Something inconceivable given the guaranteed prize pool of €500,000.

Several players from the capital city, as well as visitors from the Canary Islands and Galicia, have arrived today to participate in the first of more than 20 tournaments scheduled for this week by Winamax. Check out the schedule by clicking here.

The Top Shark champion, Estelle Cohuet ‘Dourbie,’ was seen wearing her Team Pro Winamax patches at the Gran Casino de Aranjuez, hinting to the presence of Team Pro players all week long.

Seeing Estelle happy makes you happy too.

Diego Sanchez concluded Day 1A with 973k in chips, making him the chip leader.

These are the 20 lucky ones that made the cut:

Diego Sanchez 973k

Javier Lopez 677k

Emilio Llano 636k

Jorge Ufano 585k

Alejandro Nicola 539k

Juan Gonzalez 490k

J. Claude Perrut 443k

Jonás Ferrut 406k

Pablo Martinez 285k

Diego Gómez 280k

Hristo Atason 173k

Pablo Hernandez 165k

Roberto Martínez 162k

Sergio Garcia 148k

Estelle Cohuet 119k

José González 105k

Rufino Serrano 100k

Cristian Guerrero 38k

Ramon Martinez 34k

Maxx Poker’s new partner is GGPoker.

The world’s largest website has set a shop in So Paulo, the poker capital of Brazil. From this month, GGPoker will provide sponsorship for Maxx Poker.

Our alliance will give tournaments and cash games a fresh look and shake up the structures of a city that lives and loves poker. There will be several events, festivals, and promotions.

Individuals who already like playing live poker will appreciate engaging in all that is being prepared to offer the So Paulo people as they deserve even more.

The club’s major events and series, such as MXPS, MAXX EXPERIENCE, and COPA MAXX, remain on the program, but are far more regimented.

GGPoker will make significant investments in Brazil in 2023, supporting clubs, tournaments, and series to enhance the player experience. Professional and amateur players will have lots to rejoice as a result of the site’s development efforts.

Luiz “7jujuba7” Zattar placed second in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR tournament.

Luiz “7jujuba7” Zattar came within one elimination of winning the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR on Thursday’s stretch. Overall, he received $12,658 for coming in second place. Joseph “Joe Santana” Santana was dealt a 3-handed and received $6,079 minutes earlier. The competition included 3,109 participants.

Renato “bauruzito” Valentim finished first out of 520 players in the $109 Daily Cooldown and increased his bankroll by $8,716.

Luis “Lui$starPRO$” Rocha took the gold in the Bounty Builder $109 competition. After enduring 518 opponents, he was awarded $8,272.

Felipe “lipe piv” Boianovsky, on the other hand, earned $7,727 after declaring victory in the $530 Daily Cooldown.

Adrovan “AadrovanRj21” Rodrigues ascended to the top of the podium and won $5,857 in the $215 Thursday Thrill Late Edition while remaining on the site.


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