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Matías Chervin was the best Argentine in the FPS Main Event

Matias Chervin is the best Argentine in the FPS Pa...

The main event of the French Poker Series Paris no longer features Argentines, with Matias Chervin leading the way.

The competition had 1,384 entries worth €1,100 and awarded €1,328,640 (US$1,478,098) in prize money to the first 207 players. These include Argentines Jeremías Mendoza (€123-2,250), Gaspar Neuman (€97-2,550) and Ignacio Gaspari (€65-3,350).

Matias Chervin lost K-K and A-6 on day three when his opponent flopped an ace. He won €9,000 ($10,012) for finishing 17th. It was his second cash prize at the festival, as he had just finished seventh in the FPS Cup for €11,150 ($12,522).

Matias Chervin is the best Argentine in the FPS Pa...

WSOP 2023: Diego Ventura Wins Event #86!

WSOP 2023: Diego Ventura Wins Event #86!

Diego Ventura Champion!!! Today, Saturday, July 15th, a new chapter in Peruvian poker history was written as he became the country’s first Players who win live bracelets in tournaments. World Cup winning poker series. Last year, Ewald Mahr was successful in the online edition.

Event #86 The Poker Hall of Fame Bounty awarded $1,979 worth of prize money to 1,417 participants for a total of $2,495,776 in prize money. Winners include: Martín Piñeiro 🇦🇷 (194th – $3,135), José Ruiz 🇲🇽 (173rd – $3,429), Luis Yepez 🇻🇪 (120th – $3,918), Carlos Lam 🇵🇦 (1st 02 Pit) – 4,158 US dollars), Farid Jattin 🇨🇴 (96th -4,479 US dollars), Matías Gabrenja 🇦🇷 (94th -4,479 US dollars), ELI Elezra 🇮🇱 (86th -4,479 US dollars), $ 4,897) Guerrero 🇨 🇴 (No. 78 – $5,434), René Lazaro 🇪🇸 (No. 43 – $9,493), Francis Cruz 🇩🇴 (No. 26 – $13,628), Phil Hellmuth 🇺🇸 (No. 19 – $13 , $628) , Martin Jacobson 🇸🇪 (No. 7 – $55,165) and Jose Nadal 🇲🇽 (No. 5 – $97,174).

Diego Ventura is the last player standing in the $1,979 Poker Hall of Fame bounty campaign, earning his first bracelet and $402,054 Dollar!

Congratulations, Diego!

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 15, 2023

Diego 🇵🇪 managed to get all the chips, his first A bracelet and the second-highest win of his career: $402,054. His best finish remains a second-place finish in the 2015 PCA Main Event, earning $907,000. With career earnings of $2,003,718, he is the top player in Peru.

WSOP 2023: Diego Ventura Wins Event #86!

Entrepreneur Gabriel Castro has published The Business of Poker.

Entrepreneur Gabriel Castro has published The Busi...

There is now a book on Brazilian literature for would-be poker entrepreneurs. Gabriel Castro, the country’s gaming visionary, has published The Poker Business guide, which will help readers run a successful poker club in the country.

This book presents management methods, marketing strategies and efficient business practices and is essential for anyone involved in the Brazilian poker industry.

The Business of Poker began as a simple internal booklet developed by Gabriel to teach Real Poker and the Pokerweb team. The booklet has grown and improved over time, adding new chapters and becoming more comprehensive and instructive. This material has become an important reference tool for in-house professionals and can assist any client interested in entering the Brazilian poker market.

When Gabriel looked at the development and practical value of the manual he had produced, he realized that this was… an opportunity to contribute not only to his team and clients, but to the entire poker market in Brazil opportunity to contribute. Years of accumulated knowledge, gained experience, and the search for effective solutions inspired the transformation of this book into a groundbreaking work.

The Business of Poker is more than just an ordinary textbook. It has become part of Brazilian poker history. Written by one of the protagonists of this development, the book offers a comprehensive approach covering everything from legal issues and licensing to assembling a qualified team and sourcing specific materials. Plus, the book covers management techniques, a marketing plan, and everything you need to know to succeed in the poker industry.

Entrepreneur Gabriel Castro has published The Busi...

Main Event finalist, now football club icon

Main Event finalist, now football club icon

Juan Maceiras is a well-known Spanish player who is now an icon for the Spanish FC Deportivo de La Coruña, thanks to his WSOP Main Event finalist status. This happened due to the peculiarity left by the player from the city of La Racha in the Galician region when he participated in the most important final of the year.

The son of legendary online player Juan Antonio Vietcong01 Maceiras took center stage in the main event when he sang ” Deportivo” song in the middle of the FT. The eighth-placed player won prize money worth more than one million euros, captivating fans of the Spanish third division side (who were relegated from the first division in the 2019/20 season) in front of the screen. In the early morning, watch the finals.

In the middle of the match, Marcellas, seated next to his opponent at the table, mustered up the courage to sing the iconic “Nos van a ver volver”, which is played every day at the Riazor stadium a national anthem. The move made him an icon for the Albizoos, a passion he has always had for the Albiersra and poker.

Of course, Marcellas played for Deportivo. He wore the jersey until he was eliminated as a runner-up at the final table on the penultimate day of the World Series main event and received the award, which also recognized his outstanding performance. He finished eighth, earning him $1,125,000. His best cash to date was $467,532 in 2011, when he finished fifth in a European Poker Tour (EPT) event in his home country.

On social media, the support for maceiras has been huge. Many blue and white fans pay close attention to various broadcasts and witness the performance of the players. The emotional moment was shared on social media by several Deportivo fans who couldn’t believe Marcellas remembered the team in the final.

Main Event finalist, now football club icon

Flutter to Zero All Stars Group Shares

On May 5, all unconverted shares of Puxing Group w...

Flutter was shut down by new organization The Stars Group on May 5

The last shares of former PokerStars parent company The Stars Group will disappear within the next two weeks. The new owners of Flutter Holding have issued a final notice to shareholders to convert the TSG shares into Flutter.

Holders have until May 4, 2023 to transfer their assets to the new brand. After this date, all shares in The Stars Group will have no value and will no longer be publicly traded.

After months of negotiations, the merger between The Stars Group and Flutter was completed on May 5, 2020. The requirement to convert all shares is one of the conditions of incorporation.

“TSG shares must be converted into Flutter shares within three years of the effective date of the original merger transaction,” until May 4, 2023, the filing said.

This will give all wealth holders a last chance to avoid losing their money. The value of the shares is also detailed ahead of time. Each TSG share is redeemable for 0.2253 FLTR shares.

FLTR is currently trading at approximately $100 per share, so each unconverted TSG share is worth approximately $22. Expect the same in the next ten days if Flutter’s conditions are met.

The remaining assets are likely to decrease between 2014 and 2020. At this time, the shares of the Star Group are traded on multiple exchanges at the same time, and anyone who wants to buy shares of the group can do so. Also, Rational Enterprises may have left some assets behind in the 2000s when PokerStars was just starting to rise online.

In any case, the era of Amaya and The Stars Group is coming. The end: On May 5th, they became Flutter, the former name only in the minds of poker players.

On May 5, all unconverted shares of Puxing Group w...

“HereIt’s Over.” cracks Suprema’s HighS 200K

Vacation travel is more than it pays for! “AquiAcabou” during a very busy period for Suprema. Continue after the podium in the 2,500 reais high 200K GTD. He was the first to take home R$60,631 out of a prize pool of R$328,500 out of 146 entries.

On the other hand, “DAFY2009” made its name in the Battle 300K GTD for 300 reais. By defeating 1,336 opponents, he earned 45,209 reais.

“S.FARHA” defeated 134 opponents at the PLO5 table. He won R$ 29,318 in prize money.

View other results:

R$550 Mini HighS 50K GTD (174 items)

Champion: “Abelardo” R$16,323

R$35 Big Plus 100K GTD (3,563 shares)

Winner: “Pexeneguer” R$15,717

R$ 250 Mysterious 50K GTD (376 items)

Winner: “Viladoce” R$11,886

GGPoker’s freeroll includes 100 games of the WSOP Summer Circuit $50 Mini Main Event

GGPoker's freeroll includes 100 games of the WSOP...

GGPoker freerolls are getting bigger and bigger. This Saturday the 8th, the site is giving away $5,000 worth of tickets to the WSOP Summer Circuit Mini-Main Event, a $50 tournament with at least $1 million in prize money up for grabs

Participation Tournaments are very simple. GGPoker Brasil provides passwords to its followers on its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The freeroll will take place this Saturday, April 8th. , instead of 7pm (Brasilia). There are 100 $50 seats in total.

The mini-main event will take place on Sunday, July 9th, with the final stage on July 16th. Starting stacks are 10,000 chips, with blinds increasing every 10 minutes. To make sure that no one is left behind, GGPoker has organized 85 qualifying stages.

In addition to the dream big favorite, the winner of the Mini Main Event will also receive the coveted WSOP Circuit Gold Ring.

GGPoker's freeroll includes 100 games of the WSOP...

Dippolito is a new and old winner downtown

Dippolito is a new and old winner downtown

The poker rooms in downtown Rosario continue to offer great deals and are a must for fans of the mind sport, and even with the World Series of Poker going forward, it’s not for everyone, especially given the time it takes to obtain or extend a US visa. Often, tournaments hosted by Latin America’s largest casinos have become part of the poker routine, such as Tuesday+, won by the casino’s well-known player Bruno Dippolito.

Downtown Money Games

Tournament 8 of the Tuesday Classic at 6:30 pm featured 101 certifications and a first prize of PHP 889,494. He was followed by Julian Ciarrocchi and Jorge David Díaz with $542,446 and $357,256 respectively. A total of 15 players were awarded for a total of PHP 2,916,394.

Tuesday final table.

With a buy-in of $35,000, blinds every 20 feet, and a 25,000-point tournament stack, Tuesday+ can accommodate up to 150 players per day. With bonus parking, it’s possible to re-enter the race up to level 6. Additionally, the top five leaderboards across eight events will be rewarded, and all players in this tournament will also receive points on the City Center Poker POY leaderboard.

The Downtown Proposal

Deep Stack will be held Thursday at 6:30pm. With a buy-in of $43,000, blinds per 25 feet, starting stacks of 45,000 points, the event can accommodate up to 150 players per day with bonus parking available. The event allows for re-entry to Tier 6 at 7.30pm; it is played over the course of a day and has a structure that starts with a small blind of 100, big blind of 200 and ante of 200. Enjoy the poker experience.

Dippolito is a new and old winner downtown

Douglas Lopes wins Throwdown Bounty HR for $1,050 on Thursday

Douglas Lopes wins Throwdown Bounty HR for $1,050...

GGPoker ace Douglas Lopes is having a tough time during the holiday season. He won Thursday’s Throwdown Bounty HR event for $1,050, adding $38,364 to his bankroll total. A total of 151 entrants participated in the tournament.

Erich Rodrigues took the podium in the $129 Bounty Hunter Special. He took home $6,143 after beating 222 opponents.

In the $150 Thursday Bounty Throw, “Galerrom” finished third out of 932 opponents, a feat that netted him $5,709.

“R Urata” won the $25 GGMasters Classic for $5,204.

Also on the site, “Britney Spew” won a gold medal in the Daily $200 7-Max Special competition. In total, he earned $5,003.

Douglas Lopes wins Throwdown Bounty HR for $1,050...

Fernando Araújo leads BSOP Brasilia Financial Times

Fernando Araújo leads BSOP Brasilia Financial Time...

Winning the BSOP Main Event twice is not an unprecedented feat, but no one has ever won the same stage twice. “The Indian” Fernando Araujo defended his title on the Brasilia stage and reached the final as first place. The Victorian pro currently has 117 BBs compared to Caroline Dapousa’s 91 BBs, who could become just the third woman to win a stage at the Brazilian Championships.

In order to win his second silver bracelet, “Indio” will compete against you to have to be featured in the Financial Times, which relies on professionals with great periods, including Marcelo Giordano. The one-day high roller runner-up from Sao Paulo is currently hunting for another trophy.

Returning to the federal capital after a three-year lapse, the BSOP surpassed the R$1,500,000 guarantee in the Main Event. There were 685 participants in the competition, and the prize money was 3,000 reais, bringing the total prize money to more than 1.6 million reais.

The final heads-up will be played at 2:00pm with blinds 25,000/50,000, BB-ante held. Check the number of chips:

1. Fernando Araujo (Victoria – ES) 5,885,000

2. Caroline Dapsa (Santos – SP) 4,555,000

3. Felipe Pantoja (Curitiba – PR) 3,350,000

4. Leonardo Pires (Belo Horizonte – MG) 2,150,000

5. Misar Becker (Querência – MT) 1,460,000

6. Marcus Vinicius Borges (Brasilia – DF) 1,085,000

7. Roberto Correa (Rio de Janeiro – RJ) 905,000

8. Marcelo Giordano (São Paulo – SP) 590,000

9. Thomas Rieth (Brasilia – DF) 570,000


1. 305,100 reais

2. 186,700 reais

3. 133,500 reais

4. 101,000 reais

5. 80,400 reais

6. 61,700 reals

7. 44,600 reals

8. 30,450 reais

9. R$ 24,200

Fernando Araújo leads BSOP Brasilia Financial Time...


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