Brunno Botteon is the winner of GGWF Event 241-H

Brunno Botteon is the winner of GGWF Event 241-H

Monday, the 5th, the penultimate day of the GGPoker World Ceremony, mills across the country continued to solicit champions. In Event 241-H: $1,050 Monday Monster Stack HR, Brunno “B Botteon” Botteon won the gold medal for $72,942. There were 396 participants in the tournament.

In Event 241-S: Monday Super HR $10,300, Fabiano Kovalski finished fourth out of 39 players for $55,301.

Event 240-S: The $5,250 Bounty Hunter Super High Roller stopped Eduardo Pires heads-up for $41,462. A few minutes earlier, Bruno Volkmann had finished third, adding $23,958 to his bankroll.

Rodrigo Selouan beat 34 opponents in Event 244-S: Monday’s Mega Heater HR [Bounty Turbo] for the $2,625 title and $31,195 in cash prizes. Geraldo “UmReiNoRiver” César won $11,868 with a threesome.

Also at GGWF, Pedro Garagnani was crowned champion in Event 245-S: Monday’s Megasonic HR [Hyper] for $24,272. Pedro Padilha finished fourth and won $9,442:

Brunno Botteon is the winner of GGWF Event 241-H

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  • The text provides a summary of the GGPoker World Ceremony events that took place on Monday, highlighting the winners and prize amounts in various poker tournaments. It provides information on different players winning gold medals or placing high in several events, showcasing their achievements and earnings.

  • This text provides an overview of the winners and cash prizes from various poker events at the GGPoker World Ceremony. It highlights the achievements of different players and their earnings, showcasing the competitiveness of the tournaments.

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