Costly Hero Call, Guilherme Beavis Out of Sunday Million PKO, 6th

Costly Hero Call, Guilherme Beavis Out of Sunday M...

The last Brazilian to suffer a setback in the Sunday Million was Guilherme “Teruliro” Beavis. In the FT’s version of the Midstakes Madness mini-series, he was eliminated early in six innings. The pro won a total of $14,804.

Near the FT, “Teruliro” was going strong after doubling up in chips. He had 24 BBS, the fourth-biggest chip stack, but only lasted a few hands in the end. Here’s how he fell:

With the blinds at 1,500,000/3,000,000 and an ante of 375,000, “Teruliro” raised straight from the small bet to 9,000,000 and called with the big bet “Tagomaga”. After the flop came 8\6♠A♠, the Sao Paulo player bet 6,000,000 and “Tagomaga” called again. In Day 2, “Tagomaga” was in the middle of the standings with 10,642,500 in chips. Then “Teruliro” checks the flow of K♣. When “teruliro” announced another check, “Tagomaga” pushed his 122,019,329 chips into the middle of the table. 43,875,574 owner “teruliro” called and revealed 10♠8♥. “Tagomaga” took the pot with A 8♠ and isolated himself at the top.

Teruliro’s chips helped Tagomaga heads up. He beat “SayHelloToStars” and added $64,408 to his bankroll. Meanwhile, the champion won $89,063.

Costly Hero Call, Guilherme Beavis Out of Sunday M...


  • Mallory.mante

    This text describes the performance of Brazilian poker player Guilherme Teruliro Beavis in the Sunday Million tournament. Despite starting strong and having a significant chip stack, Teruliro was ultimately eliminated after making a crucial mistake in a hand against Tagomaga, who went on to become the champion of the tournament.

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