Dippolito is a new and old winner downtown

Dippolito is a new and old winner downtown

The poker rooms in downtown Rosario continue to offer great deals and are a must for fans of the mind sport, and even with the World Series of Poker going forward, it’s not for everyone, especially given the time it takes to obtain or extend a US visa. Often, tournaments hosted by Latin America’s largest casinos have become part of the poker routine, such as Tuesday+, won by the casino’s well-known player Bruno Dippolito.

Downtown Money Games

Tournament 8 of the Tuesday Classic at 6:30 pm featured 101 certifications and a first prize of PHP 889,494. He was followed by Julian Ciarrocchi and Jorge David Díaz with $542,446 and $357,256 respectively. A total of 15 players were awarded for a total of PHP 2,916,394.

Tuesday final table.

With a buy-in of $35,000, blinds every 20 feet, and a 25,000-point tournament stack, Tuesday+ can accommodate up to 150 players per day. With bonus parking, it’s possible to re-enter the race up to level 6. Additionally, the top five leaderboards across eight events will be rewarded, and all players in this tournament will also receive points on the City Center Poker POY leaderboard.

The Downtown Proposal

Deep Stack will be held Thursday at 6:30pm. With a buy-in of $43,000, blinds per 25 feet, starting stacks of 45,000 points, the event can accommodate up to 150 players per day with bonus parking available. The event allows for re-entry to Tier 6 at 7.30pm; it is played over the course of a day and has a structure that starts with a small blind of 100, big blind of 200 and ante of 200. Enjoy the poker experience.

Dippolito is a new and old winner downtown


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