Doyle Brunson was appointed as an Ambassador for the World Poker Tour.

Doyle Brunson is well-known to everyone who has studied the history of poker. The player, who began his career in the middle of the 20th century, enjoys immense prestige in the poker’s birthplace and around the world at age 88. Recently, it became known that he has joined the WPT squad despite his senior age.

Texas Dolly’s new position.

This year, WPT has recruited new team members at a rate that is almost “Stakhanovian.” Recently, company director Adam Pliska announced his greatest achievement in the industry:

Doyle Brunson, a member of the Poker Hall of Fame and the Champions Club World Poker Tour, has joined our team of ambassadors.

Remember that it all began with the signing of DJ Steve Aoki, followed by two other poker video bloggers, Brad Owen and Andrew Niemi. Recently, there were even rumors that Phil Ivey would be joining them, but this was later disproven.

Nonetheless, Phil and a dozen other prominent players, like Tom Dwan and Patrick Antonius, become one of the heroes of Poker Heroes Celebrity and are portrayed as NFT-avatars that will be utilized in the meta world of the new WPT Global room.

According to the news announcement, Doyle has been associated with the brand since he won the WPT Tournament of Champions in 2004. Now, the player will participate in live tournaments and serve as the “face” of online promotions.

Brunson has promised to make a new appearance at the WSOP 2022 Main Event tables in the near future. The competition begins on July 3.

What is the WPT’s objective?

Adam Plisky, the company’s director, did not provide an explanation for the events described above, but it is evident that the sudden expansion of media personalities involved in the promotion of the World Poker Tour (there are now 17 of them from 5 countries!) and the opening of their own room are part of a grand and ambitious plan.

Most likely, in the post-coveted years, brand owners will seek to fill the voids left on the market by the elimination of competitors during the quarantine. And a closer relationship with poker houses has shown that there is still much space for expansion on the Internet.

To promote the WPT’s aggressive marketing strategy, therefore, so many ambassadors with “weight” in various categories were required. The results of 2022 will indicate the effectiveness of this strategy: the volume of visitors to WPT Global and the popularity of this brand’s live series.

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