During the second day of the main event at the PGAT Panama, Garcia had the most chips.

As Day 1B of the PGAT Panama Main Event concluded, Garcia had the largest stack.

During the second round of the PGAT Panama Main Tournament, Walter Garcia finished in first place, winning $15,000.

At the PGAT Panama Main Tournament, Day 1B saw Garcia as the chip leader.

The Main Event at the Poker Grand Adventure Tour (PGAT) 2023 is all the news after Walter Garcia (left on cover) finished with the most chips and won an extra US$15,000 in the tournament’s second qualifying day. Along with PokerBROS, the event’s main sponsor.

There were a total of 163 entrants (133 new players + 30 re-entry players) on Day 1B of the Main Event at the Sortis Hotel Resort & Casino in Panama, all of whom were seeking a piece of the US$1.2 million guaranteed prize pool.

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Following 12 hours of play, Garcia was the chip leader with 1,017,000 in chips. A reward of $15,000 USD was also awarded to him. Fynn Jakobi (shown on the right), who finished in second place with 591,000, received an additional US$10,000 for his efforts. There are now 24 remaining players.

After four more qualifying rounds, the remaining players will return together on Day 2 next Saturday. Day 1C will continue on Wednesday at 2 p.m. local time for the time being.

Official website for PGAT Panama, where you can find the full schedule, event structure, and other information.

Day Two of the PGA Tour Panama Open


A total of 163 entries were found.

Pot: US$1,200,000

With a total of 2 chips (1A + 1B).


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