Fernando Araújo leads BSOP Brasilia Financial Times

Fernando Araújo leads BSOP Brasilia Financial Time...

Winning the BSOP Main Event twice is not an unprecedented feat, but no one has ever won the same stage twice. “The Indian” Fernando Araujo defended his title on the Brasilia stage and reached the final as first place. The Victorian pro currently has 117 BBs compared to Caroline Dapousa’s 91 BBs, who could become just the third woman to win a stage at the Brazilian Championships.

In order to win his second silver bracelet, “Indio” will compete against you to have to be featured in the Financial Times, which relies on professionals with great periods, including Marcelo Giordano. The one-day high roller runner-up from Sao Paulo is currently hunting for another trophy.

Returning to the federal capital after a three-year lapse, the BSOP surpassed the R$1,500,000 guarantee in the Main Event. There were 685 participants in the competition, and the prize money was 3,000 reais, bringing the total prize money to more than 1.6 million reais.

The final heads-up will be played at 2:00pm with blinds 25,000/50,000, BB-ante held. Check the number of chips:

1. Fernando Araujo (Victoria – ES) 5,885,000

2. Caroline Dapsa (Santos – SP) 4,555,000

3. Felipe Pantoja (Curitiba – PR) 3,350,000

4. Leonardo Pires (Belo Horizonte – MG) 2,150,000

5. Misar Becker (Querência – MT) 1,460,000

6. Marcus Vinicius Borges (Brasilia – DF) 1,085,000

7. Roberto Correa (Rio de Janeiro – RJ) 905,000

8. Marcelo Giordano (São Paulo – SP) 590,000

9. Thomas Rieth (Brasilia – DF) 570,000


1. 305,100 reais

2. 186,700 reais

3. 133,500 reais

4. 101,000 reais

5. 80,400 reais

6. 61,700 reals

7. 44,600 reals

8. 30,450 reais

9. R$ 24,200

Fernando Araújo leads BSOP Brasilia Financial Time...

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    This text appears to be discussing a poker tournament called the BSOP Main Event, where a player named Fernando Araujo has defended his title and reached the final as the first-place contender. The text also mentions the prize money and the remaining players in the final heads-up.

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    The text provides information about the BSOP Main Event and the status of the finalists. It also mentions the prize money and the potential historical achievements of the players, creating anticipation for the final heads-up.

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