First Super High Roller tournament of the year goes to Chervin.

Here in the Argentine Poker Scene, Chervin took down the first Super High Roller event.

The Super High Roller hand-to-hand tournament in Rio de Janeiro was just concluded with a winner: Matias Chervin. Even though he finished second, Blas Suarez was able to earn a healthy profit.

The Super High Roller of the Argentine Poker Tour continued as scheduled despite their (little) downtime at the Casino Buenos Aires. And the heads-up duel that everyone was anticipating ended up taking less than an hour and crowning Matas Chervin.

At the most costly event on the Argentine Poker Tour, Suarez finished in second place.

This tournament at the Madero poker room ran longer than intended and ended on a Wednesday afternoon, with the eventual winner being a player who had recently won a side event at the most recent LAPT in Rio de Janeiro. The $16,740,000 in prize money that Chervin took home for his triumph was a significant first step toward the inauguration of the most important live tournament series in Argentina.

He met Blas Suarez, who had a little edge going into the final clash. They had already spent the previous 17 hours studying one another, so they made the decision early on to go for the rival’s head and win the highest reward.

The decisive play occurred in only a few hands: with blinds at 30,000/60,000/60,000, Chervin opened to 130,000 and Suarez defended the small blind, both players seeing 842 on the flop. Blas made the opening wager, and Matias quickly upped. On the return, the runner-up surged into position in fourth and the winner took the bait. As the 7 appeared on the turn, Blas bet all of his remaining $3.5 million and Chervin utilized his time cards until he called with the following hand:

In the case of Suarez, 84.

To Chervin, Q7

Chervin covered his opponent, who ended up collecting $10,044,000, as the river card, a 3, echoed with an ecstatic shout on the rail of Matias’s table.

The Argentina Poker Circuit’s Super High Roller attracted 125 players and offered a total prize fund of $56,250,000. There were 18 winners, and all the money went to them.


  • This text provides a brief overview of the Argentine Poker Scene and highlights the winner of the recent Super High Roller event, Matias Chervin. It also mentions the runner-up, Blas Suarez, and provides details about their final showdown and the prize money involved.

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