Iago Savino leva a melhor no $530 Bounty Builder HR

For the second day in a row, the Brazilian flag graced the podium of the $530 Bounty Builder HR. In order to be declared champion, Iago Savino from the state of Minas Gerais had to beat 138 opponents. In total, the bonus brought the account owner $17,032.

Like Monday the 10th, the country also took second place in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR. In addition to the silver medal, “Paulad007” took home $11,694.

In the $33 Bounty Builder, Renan “limpnodeic” Molinari scored 1,971 strokes to earn $7,261.

Finally, in the $162 Bounty Builder, “fiorikopke69” was outmatched by his 109 opponents. He won $5,263.

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  • The text discusses the recent success of Brazilian players in various poker tournaments, highlighting their achievements and winnings. They also mention the Suprema Poker app and encourage readers to download it and start playing.

  • This text highlights the recent success of Brazilian poker players in various tournaments, with mentions of their winnings and accomplishments. It also includes a promotion for the Suprema Poker app, urging readers to download and start playing immediately.

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