In the international leaderboard for the PokerStars Carnival Series, France and Brazil are closing up on Spain.

In its final days, PokerStars’ Carnaval Series has concluded. The festival’s 11 final events concluded yesterday, with a total of €326k in prizes being awarded. They were able to escape us this time. We have zero tournament victories. But, the Brazilians (with four victories) and the French (with three) took advantage of the situation to narrow the gap between us and them in the global standings.

Spain is in the place after 47 events of the Carnival Series, followed closely by Brazil and France.

1st Spain: 11 wins.

2nd Brazil and France: 10.

4th Portugal: 4.

5th Belarus, Montenegro and Ukraine: 2.

7th Argentina, Armenia, Chile, Finland, Ireland and Latvia: 1.

In the regular tournaments, La Roja achieved a total of 13 victories. These were the Spanish winners:

“Ganimedes19” (PKO 5€).*.

“rudenotdead” (SuperStack 5€).

“The$harkBoss” (PKO 30€).* “Kenny.16592” (PKO 30€).* “The$harkBoss” (PKO 30€).

“Kenny.16592” (Bounty Builder 5€).

“bluemarli” (SuperStack 3€).

“piloto4101” (PKO 1€).* “MIGUEL 13282” (PKO 1€).

“MIGUEL 13282” (Daily Omaha £10).* “paulorolo” (Daily Omaha £10).

“paulorolo” (Daily Micro 1€).

“MikelinoTrak” (Zoom PKO £30).

“jopepor” (Hold’em NL €1).

“chinoganjass” (PKO €3).

“ivancillow” (Hold’em NL €1).

“zazpe” (Hold’em NL €2).

The Spaniards won 5 doubles (marked in the list with an asterisk) and the balance in the HU was very unfavorable for our team: 8 wins vs. 22 second places.

These are the results of the most important events of the day:

Leptosirosirosinho (CS-37. Prize pool: 4,015.75. Field: 4,717. Prize pool: 42,453. Country: Brazil).

Mabiche75 (CS-38. Prize: $4,667.89. Field: 1,132. Prize pool: $30,564. Country: France).

Mr.Efraim (CS-39. Prize: $6,378.72. Field: 1,261. Prize pool: $56,745. Country: Brazil).

ioupayme (CS-40. Prize: €3.230,59. Field: 1.204. Prize pool: €21.672. Country: Brazil).

PkrKaizer (CS-41. Prize: €7,472.92. Field: 481. Prize pool: €43,290. Country: Chile).

inter pato (CS-42. Prize: €3,293.74. Field: 1,733. Prize pool: €31,194. Country: Brazil).

CheckUrNoseFam (CS-43. Prize: €3,839.18. Field: 449. Prize pool: €20,205. Country: Ireland).

Nichkoff95 (CS-44. Prize: $3,413.33. Field: $3,606. Prize pool: $32,454. Country: France).

Hi from Belarus (CS-45. Prize: €3,260.18. Field: 390. Prize pool: €17,550. Country: Belarus).

Jennyfer6969 (CS-46. Prize: €2,145.20. Field: 955. Prize pool: €17,190. Country: France).

Serahnnil (CS-47. Prize: €1,917.93. Field: 475. Prize pool: €12,825. Country: Portugal).

loulouforest (PKO 10€ 6-Max. Prize pool: €1,171.82. Field: 1,136. Prize pool: €10,224. Country: France).

A new day of the Carnaval Series will be played today. VGL, Spaniards!

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