Mikita Badziakouski hits river and lands on bladder at 200K Triton London

Mikita Badziakouski, accustomed to winning the most expensive events in the world, failed to claim the coveted bubble title in Event 7 of the London Triton Poker Series: $200,000 No-Limit Hold’em.

The manner in which Mikita was eliminated surprised some of his opponents. As the fifth shortest stack, he opted for an open all-in with 20 BBS when Christoph Vogelsang had only 3 BBS and Daniel Dvoress had 5. Espen Jørstad was the only one who called, revealing A♠K♦. Holding 7♠7♦, the Belarusian moved all-in with 2♣4♠8♠ and Q♣ on the turn, but the K♣ river brought one of the former world champion’s outs.

With Mikita down, all 13 players in Game 7 are guaranteed at least $325,000. Shortly after, Vogelsang suffered severe injuries and fell to the side of the road. With J♥J♣ against Timothy Adams’ A♦J♠, he saw the turn A♥ end his run.

Dvoress also briefly fought back. After holding A♠10♠, he got three all-ins with David Yan and Chris Brewer, who held A♣Q and K♥K♠, respectively. 10♥3♥J♣5♦4♦ The board confirmed Brewer’s victory as he won a big pot and received a valuable raise.

The winner of Event 7 will receive $4,300,000 out of a $16,200,000 prize pool.


  • This text provides a summary of the events in Event 7 of the London Triton Poker Series, highlighting the surprising elimination of Mikita Badziakouski and the guaranteed prize money for all remaining players. It also mentions the injuries suffered by Christoph Vogelsang and the ongoing battles between Daniel Dvoress, David Yan, and Chris Brewer. The text concludes by mentioning the prize pool and the amount the winner will receive.

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