Successes of Russians on Triton Poker

Bulgaria and Lotto have agreed on a unique Triton tournament Agreed Poker announces

The Triton Poker series has only just begun, but our players can already brag – two trophies won by two Russians! Vyacheslav Buldygin and Anatoly Zlotnikov won their first trophy in this expensive competition.

Vyacheslav Buldygin finished first in the $50,000 7-Max tournament. The event attracted 104 entries (including 41 re-entries) and a $5,200,000 prize pool. The first 15 players advance to the cash zone, with a minimum prize of $88,400.

Buldygin is on his way to victory – at the final table, he defeated 6 players out of 8, including Jason Kuhn, Sean Winter, Justin Bonomo, David Yan and Mike Watson.

Our other compatriot, Artur Martirosyan, finished 10th just a few steps away from the final for $109,000.

Vyacheslav is heads-up with American Brian Kim 3-1 in chips. A few hands later, the final showdown ensued: the Russian player vs. Kim. The flop reveals the K that decides the game.

Vyacheslav Buldygin took first place for $1,342,000 in cash, his first Legendary Poker Cup and an exclusive Shamballa Jewels bracelet.

Zlotnikov’s first title

The $25,000 cup was being played at an adjacent table in the $25,000 tournament when the final of the $50,000 tournament was decided. There were slightly fewer entries – 83 (including 19 re-entries), and due to the structure of the event, the winner was known by nightfall. Among our players, only Zlotnikov made it to the final table, and he faced serious poker players – Phil Nagy, Elton Tsang, Linus Leliger and Paul Foy.

Anatoly’s stack only needed to sit a few Payjumps – 20BB (the shortest was 9BB, the leader had 71BB). However, the Russians began to breathe a sigh of relief and defeated their opponents one by one. Leliger cashed out first, with Zlotnikov and Fua falling a few hands later.

The Russian went heads-up with Nico Koop and the two decided to strike a deal – and that’s how it happened. This is the first time they’ve both played at Triton Poker and never won a prize before. Opponents split $481,000 each, leaving $16,000 for the cup tie.

It all comes down to the first hand, which is the same as Buldygin: Coop leads with Tens, and Anatoly responds with a King and draws one, but on the river.

Anatoly’s total prize pool is $495,100, the Champions Cup and similar items from Shamballa Jewels.


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