Tauan Naves FT Enters WSOP Mystery Millions for $198,000

Tauan Naves Enters WSOP Mystery Millions for $198,...

Brazil is just a few eliminations away from winning another seven-figure mystery million. In his first live FT at the World Series of Poker, Tauan Naves was short-stacked and received a valuable raise, but was eliminated from the bracelet event in sixth place. In addition to the prize money, the former world No. 1 took home $198,320.

Tauan was well behind the top players at the final table. The Brazilian returned refreshed after the game was suspended for dinner after Raymond Taylor fell. Playing J♥J against Ryan McKnight’s A♣K, he won on Q♥8♠3♣9♣J♣ for a survival advantage.

Tauan made sure he was still running while veterans Tam Ho and Dan Shak were left behind. He turned K♥9♥ and shoved with 5 BBS and was called by Rhian Fineis with A♥9. A lead of 10♥J♠3♠Q♦6♣ gave the Like a Boss teammate a straight and doubled up again.

In this sequence, Tyler Brown had to call his outs to stay in the game. champion. He beat Guang Chen’s Q♥Q♦ with A♥5♠ and was rescued by A♠ on the flop.

Tauan, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Another pre-flop all-in put him ahead of Thompson’s 10♠9♥ with A♠J♠, but 7♠10♣J♣8♠5♥ ended his participation.

With $1,000 worth of registrations from 18,188 entrants, Mystery Millions raised over $18 million, of which $10,730,920 went to the prize pool and the remainder went to awards.

Tauan Naves Enters WSOP Mystery Millions for $198,...

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  • Rosemary.reilly

    This text provides a recap of Tauan Naves’ performance at the World Series of Poker, where he finished in sixth place and took home $198,320. The tournament, called Mystery Millions, raised over $18 million with a $10,730,920 prize pool.

  • The text describes a Brazilian poker player, Tauan Naves, who made it to the final table but was ultimately eliminated in sixth place, earning a prize of $198,320. The tournament, called Mystery Millions, had a total prize pool of over $18 million.

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