The 20 players that advanced to the second day of the WiPT were led by Diego Sanchez.

Everyone who came to the Gran Casino de Aranjuez for the first day of the Main Event of the Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final had a fantastic day. It was challenging to have a large turnout on a Wednesday at 14:00 due to the Champions League game being played at the Bernabeu. There were 119 people that played, and many of them didn’t even use the cashier to get to the tables. Something inconceivable given the guaranteed prize pool of €500,000.

Several players from the capital city, as well as visitors from the Canary Islands and Galicia, have arrived today to participate in the first of more than 20 tournaments scheduled for this week by Winamax. Check out the schedule by clicking here.

The Top Shark champion, Estelle Cohuet ‘Dourbie,’ was seen wearing her Team Pro Winamax patches at the Gran Casino de Aranjuez, hinting to the presence of Team Pro players all week long.

Seeing Estelle happy makes you happy too.

Diego Sanchez concluded Day 1A with 973k in chips, making him the chip leader.

These are the 20 lucky ones that made the cut:

Diego Sanchez 973k

Javier Lopez 677k

Emilio Llano 636k

Jorge Ufano 585k

Alejandro Nicola 539k

Juan Gonzalez 490k

J. Claude Perrut 443k

Jonás Ferrut 406k

Pablo Martinez 285k

Diego Gómez 280k

Hristo Atason 173k

Pablo Hernandez 165k

Roberto Martínez 162k

Sergio Garcia 148k

Estelle Cohuet 119k

José González 105k

Rufino Serrano 100k

Cristian Guerrero 38k

Ramon Martinez 34k

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