The PLO Series begins in Las Vegas

At the PokerGO studio, the PLO series has begun, and Stas Galatenko has won the first rewards.

PokerGO’s experimentation with poker series continues. The mixed gaming event was conducted in Las Vegas with a respectable attendance last month.

In March, the organizers decided to host an Omaha-centric series. The calendar consists of eight PLO tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 and many different formats.

Likewise, the novelty was in demand. The inaugural event with a hefty buy-in of $5,000 attracted 200 participants. Vietnam is currently home to the majority of Omaha fans and the most costly game. There, the Triton Poker series is concluding.

The prize pool was $1,000,000, and Ukrainian poker player Stas Galatenko achieved the biggest victory of his career. He placed third and received $90,000 in prize money. Until to the final draw, his bestkesh amounted to $74,000. Stas was able to defeat experts Alice Parsinen, Jeff Madsen, and Ethan Yau.

Remarkably, poker player Daniel Iqbal won first place despite having just $2,500 in prize money in his account. During a post-victory interview, he said that he had been playing cash games with pals and had gone to Las Vegas for a week’s holiday. This is his first series at Aria, which earned $60,000 in revenue.

“That was fantastic. I liked participating in turbo competitions. That was significantly quicker than any previous event I’ve participated in. I play money PLO at home. A little amount of home advantage. I’m an engineer on vacation for a week “commented Daniel.

The second $5,000 PLO tournament is nearing its conclusion. There were just 179 registrations, and Russian-speaking players were unable to reach the reward zone. Daniel Negreanu, though, got it to the final table and won another prize. The Canadian will begin play with the second-largest stack.

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    The text provides information about the PokerGO PLO series and the success of Stas Galatenko in the first tournament. It also mentions the popularity of Omaha poker in Vietnam and the victory of Daniel Iqbal in the series despite having a small amount of prize money in his account.

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    This text provides an overview of the PLO series happening at the PokerGO studio, highlighting the success of Stas Galatenko in winning the first rewards. It also mentions the popularity of Omaha in Vietnam and the ongoing Triton Poker series. Additionally, it mentions Daniel Iqbal’s surprising victory and the progress of the second $5,000 PLO tournament, including Daniel Negreanu’s performance.

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