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Since Black Friday, the number of sites that welcome gamblers and wealthy players from the United States has reduced dramatically. Now, just a few networks allow them access to their tables, and even fewer simultaneously welcome players from CIS nations. In this post, you will learn about the peculiarities of American poker rooms and online poker in this nation.

American online poker’s origins

Everyone knows that poker originated in the United States. Although if the actual origin of the game is still debatable, the majority of experts think that poker was initially played in communities along the Mississippi River in the early 19th century.

Over poker’s almost two hundred years of offline evolution, it became a national sport. By the start of the 20th century, it moved online and more People gained access to gambling tables.

Chris Manimaker’s victory in the 2003 WSOP Main Event through a PokerStars satellite marked the beginning of the online poker boom. Never before in history have so many U.S. citizens played on so many websites.

However, this condition lasted only until the local authorities tried to impose order to the sector as they saw it.

The Americanization of online poker

There has never been any unique law in the United States regulating internet gaming. Authorities have only used two statutes:

The Wire Act of 1961 restricted telephone wagering (it was later expanded to the entire Internet).

The 2006 UIEGA, which forbids local banks and payment firms from doing business with overseas sites.

In 2011, the United States Department of Justice attempted to execute the latter statute, which resulted to Black Friday.

Hence, the contemporary American poker room market was formed. Its new component consists of legal websites operating in just five states (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Michigan) with local licenses.

The first three zones have an agreement about the prospect of constructing a single pool, but only one poker club,, has taken use of it so far. Starz merged its pools in Pennsylvania and Michigan on January 1, 2023.

In addition to the concentration of markets in particular states, officials in a number of U.S. areas have been discussing the necessity to allow online gambling for years (West Virginia, California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts).

The probability of it being implemented nationally remains remote.

Offshore poker rooms.

Yet, neither government sanctions nor the introduction of poker reservations have completely eliminated offshore poker venues in the United States. They operate worldwide and are subject to the regulations of other states, unlike those with state-specific licenses.

The most prominent of these sites may provide far more games and bonuses, accept cryptocurrencies, and are opaque to U.S. fiscal authorities.

Currently, the following offshore poker sites accept US players stand out:

Winning Network.

Chico Network.

Horizon Network.

PaiWangLuo network (Bodog).

Best Poker Rooms with Players from the U.S.A. Winning Network

The largest network where you can play against Americans is Winning (WPN). In terms of cash traffic, it has been consistently ranked among the top 10 in the world, and unlike networks from other countries, the game is played not only at 6-max tables, but also at full-rings.

Americas Pokerroom is the flagship room. Focuses on the U.S. market, has its own staff of professional poker players (PROs) led by Chris Manmeiker, and offers a 27% weekly fixed rakeback.

PokerKing is aimed towards European poker players, has a support staff that speaks Russian, and is restricted to Americans.

BlackChip Poker – is the least well-known of the three and operates on “two fronts.” If you require a bargain from our website and already have accounts in other roumes, you may consider it.

In general, there is little distinction between network skins.

The VIP system offers direct rakeback of up to 66%, there are two regular rake races, and the client directly supports trackers. Even with the limits of the select (players’ nicknames at the cash tables are only displayed after the setting of the BB), there are a large number of grinders at the network’s roumes tables.

Important details:

The rake is 5%, and payouts range from $0.50 to $3.

Typical daily cash traffic is 1,500.

Rapid poker – Blitz poker (three active limits: NL10$, $50, and $200 with 70-100 connections on each).

Limits range from NLPLO2$ to NLPLO5K-10K$ in 6- and 9-max Hold’em and Omaha games.

Jackpots on Hold’em ($2 to $50) and Omaha ($2 to $10). At three limits, it is possible to win with a $1,000,000 multiplier.

Direct support for trackers is included.

Chico System.

In terms of average daily cash traffic, Chico Poker is a third behind WPN and, in many respects, the polar opposite of the first network. Curiously, there are even more 9-max tables played here, with the NL100 limit being the most popular. There are three locations within the network.

Tigergaming is the flagship site. It is not open to Americans and is focused on the international poker industry. BetOnline and Sportsbetting are the leading betting sites in the United States and Canada and the primary skins for American players.

With the exception of H2N, all of the arenas are powered by software from Connective Games, which precludes direct support for trackers. Recently, converters for HM3 and PT4 were outlawed, yet gamers continue to use them without repercussions.

Important details:

Rake is 5.5% for $1 to $5 cashouts.

The daily cash volume average is 1,100.

Limits range from NLPLO10$ to NLPLO1K$ in 6- and 9-max Hold’em and Omaha games.

Quick Poker – Boost Poker, only active on NL10$ and NL25$ tables, with 70-100 connections each peak.

Spins – Windwall tournaments with six limits ranging from $3 to $30, featuring in and flip variants, and jackpots.

Only H2N supports trackers directly; other trackers need converters.

Horizon Network

One of the most established online poker networks. Cake Poker and LockPoker are well-known among poker players with extensive experience. Horizon Poker Network is quite small, so its rooms can only add additional traffic to the main room at NL $100 limits. The network utilizes the outdated Cake 2.0 software, which is directly compatible with trackers.

The network’s handled rake distribution scheme is also uncommon. Nobody comprehends the complexities of a multi-level loyalty scheme since a set 36% rakeback is available.

The rake ranges from 5% to 6.67%, and cashes range from $0.50 to $4.

The daily cash volume average is 100.

Active limitations in Hold’em and Omaha. NLPLO4$-NLPLO100$ in both 6-max and 8-max structures.

Direct support for trackers is available.

Is it secure to play poker in American cardrooms?

It is tough to forecast what the future holds for American online poker. All of the offshore sites detailed above are deemed unlawful by US authorities, i.e. they are “gray” sites registered in other jurisdictions. It is quite widespread in the online poker market, and it often has no effect on the degree of security.

As a result of Black Friday, the Winning and Chico networks, for instance, have skins that do not accept Americans, and there should be no formal legal rights to them. Some rooms are too tiny to be susceptible to DOJ fines on a personal level.

The club rooms have their own “iron-clad” method of security; the game there is played for chips, which removes them from any allegations of organizing illegal games. In addition, some clubs provide complete protection for your deposit or bankroll, allowing you to get them back regardless of what transpires in the room.

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  • The text provides information about the current state of online poker in the United States, highlighting the reduction in sites available to American and CIS players. It discusses the origins of poker in the US and the regulatory restrictions that have impacted the industry. The text also lists some offshore poker rooms that accept US players and provides details about the networks and their features. Overall, it provides a comprehensive overview of the American online poker landscape.

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