Traffic patterns in PokerKing’s online poker rooms

By the end of October, it is safe to say that the number of poker rooms will increase significantly for the season. In this post, we’ll discuss the seasonal and annual variations in traffic that PokerKing players should be aware of.

PokerKing’s traffic patterns and highlights

Typical Traits

The Winning network skins are sometimes referred to be “American” poker rooms because they attract a disproportionately high number of players from the United States and, as a result, reach their peak number of active tables when night falls throughout the United States. Although the first assertion is correct, the following conclusion may be drawn from our examination of WPN traffic on Friday night (10/28/2022):

Even at its busiest season in the autumn, PokerKing can’t be said to have an undeniable American prime time supremacy.

There is not much of a difference in the total number of active tables (3+ players) at 22:00 and 6:00 MSK in the two most popular game formats (6-max Hold’em and Omaha) (peak hours in the European and American evening). That is to say, we have two distinct peaks in the action.

We’ll have to go further into the situation if we start toying with people’s personal boundaries and preferred presentation styles.


It’s obvious that the volume of play may fluctuate greatly even within a few weeks at particular stakes, so we’ll focus on learning about the aspects of traffic that are likely to remain constant throughout the year.

The number of regular tables in microlimits (up to and including NL10$) is much lower than in other roums, particularly in the morning. For instance, at 6 o’clock on a Saturday, the difference between NL2$ and NL200$ is only 1 table.

It’s fairly uncommon for the next higher limit to have the same amount of action as the one before it, or even less (just one or two less tables).

The NL10$, NL50$, and NL200$ are the only stakes at which you may play fast poker. When played in the standard format, these similar betting amounts see somewhat less action than their surrounding limits.

Limitations of NL25 and NL100 during peak hours are not much worse than lesser bets. This is probably because they are only played on standard dining room tables.

In Europe, the NL100$ tournament saw a significant increase in the number of tables from morning to night (16 tables vs. 9).

The $5/$10 table saw more consistent play first thing in the morning, while the $50/$100 table was in activity by 6 o’clock in the evening.

Common 6 max table stakes.

Rapid Poker (connections)


Only at limits of $0.10/$0.25 to $1/$2 can PLO attract a very typical number of tables (from 4).

Game with a high price tag, such as in Hold ’em, occurs often and “falling apart” quite rapidly. On PLO2K$-5K$, for example, there are “bursts” of activity every day at 8 a.m.

Whole rings and unusual forms

The 9-max tables saw the greatest action at NL25 and NL100$, with an obvious American peak. The NL400-600 may depart at specified hours.

Notable among the exclusive video games are:

Seven Day Slump – They are the most popular at night, attracting as many as six or seven tables with bets ranging from one cent to one hundred fifty dollars.

Omaha In PokerKing, Hi-Low is the most versatile variant. There will be a variety of game formats available, including but not limited to 6-max, 9-max, no-limit, pot-limit, and CAP tables, with maximum morning bets of $3/$6.

There are often two to four $0.40/$0.80 tables, as well as a few more at $2/$4 and $4/$8 in the lobby for 7 Stud H-lo.

There will be more action at PokerKing and the other network skins this winter, but the proportion of players at different stakes is expected to be around the same.

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