Victor Andreoletti vence HighS da Suprema e fatura R$ 136 mil

For the second time in three days, the HighS title fell to a Simba player. Amazonian Victor Andreoletti, owner of the “Pipokinhaaa” account, won the best prize in the competition with a buy-in of R$ 3,500. First in 155 entries, he topped up his bankroll with 136,677 reais.

“TabelaDaVida” topped the podium in the R$550 mystery event. Including bounties, he won $32,489 after eliminating 488 players.

On the other hand, “Dhayashi1” solved the 75 reais mystery. Losing out of 1,911 entrants, he took home $13,259.

Meet other champions:

250 Reals Battle 250K (1,334 entries)

Champion: “Italo122” 42,907 reals

750 reais battle 75K (171 items)

Winner: “Italo122” $15,204

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  • The text highlights the success of Simba players in the HighS title competition, with Victor Andreoletti winning the top prize and TabelaDaVida also excelling. It mentions other champions in different events and suggests downloading the Suprema Poker app to start playing.

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