Vietnam Triton Main Event: Talal Shakerchi Wins $3.2 Million, for the Second Time

The greatest recreational poker player has once again succeeded. On the final table of the Main Event at Triton Vietnam, Talal Shakerchi defeated a number of professionals to earn $3,250,000, the largest prize of his career.

“My interest is poker, and I want to compete against the finest players. This is how you get happiness from any endeavor. Challenge yourself and strive for excellence “The winner informed Triton’s blog.

Shakerchi, the leader at the beginning of the decider, surrendered the lead in a few heads-up hands. On the other hand, Roman Hrabec hung on for a few hands. He was eliminated after losing a 3-3 flip against Adrian Mateos’ K-10 due to his shortness.

Michael Soyza, Shakerchi’s opponent in the heads-up, was forced to call his outs during the 8-handed to remain in contention. He risked 17 bbs by going all-in with A-K and paid for the all-ins of two opponents. Fedor Holz revealed K-K with extra chips. Winfred Yu, the lowest-ranked player, held A-10. Soyza was spared by an A on the flip, and he quadrupled his chips.

Nick Petrangelo, who had the lowest stack at the table, doubled his chips after beating Shakerchi in a coin flip, but his celebration was short-lived. With J-J, he four-bet shoved and was immediately called by Soyza. The Malaysian player, who held A-A, was unsurprised by the edge and earned another elimination.

Timothy Adams, a championship contender from Canada, was the latest casualty of the FT. With A-Q against Shakerchi’s J-J in his last hand, he found no support on the board.

Afterwards, in a German confrontation, Daniel Smiljkovic defeated Holz’s K-K and sent him home. With A on the turn and A-Qs in hand, Smiljkovic celebrated vigorously.

Mateos, an additional European oddity in the final, fared the poorest in a blind battle and fell to the bottom of the table. Following an open push, he saw Soyza pay A-5. With K-7 dominating the board, the Spaniard continued to lose and ended up with 2 bbs. In a subsequent pre-flop all-in, he was defeated by Shakerchi.

Heads-up then required no time. After striking two pair on the flop, Smiljkovic gambled on his tournament survival. Shakerchi paid with the draw to a flush and took the lead on the turn.

With over 70 percent of the chips in play, Shakerchi prevented Soyza from responding. At the conclusion of the hand, Shakerchi achieved a clean sweep before CL, who had A-7s, called all-in. Soyza, who had the Q-J, was eliminated as soon as the dealer flipped the board.

With 135 participants and a buy-in of $100,000, the Main Event awarded $13,500,000 in prize money. Check out the earnings of each finalist:

1. Talal Shakerchi (United Kingdom) $3,250,000

2. Michael Soyza (Malaysia) $2,207,000

3. Daniel Smiljkovic (Germany) $1,450,000

4. Adrián Mateos (Spain) $1,201,000

5. Fedor Holz (Germany) $965,000

6. Timothy Adams (Canada) $756,000

7. Nick Petrangelo (USA) $566,800

8. Winfred Yu (Hong Kong) $418,400

9. Roman Hrabec (Czech Republic) $324,000

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